Ubisoft analyzing settings for future Far Cry games

A new year brings new possibilities, Ubisoft seems keen already at asking players what setting would they want in a new upcoming Far Cry game. This snippet of interesting news came from players that forwarded the questions on to Eurogamer . The poll asked players to select their three preferred

Far Cry 4 Season Pass Details

Ubisoft announced Far Cry 4’s Season Pass will include downloadable content that adds a co-op prison break mission, new pvp multiplayer mode and a mythical creature hunt. Priced at $29.99/£23.99, the Far Cry 4 Season Pass includes the following add-ons, each available in single-player and co-op: The Syringe – day-one

Ubisoft delays The Crew

It has been announced today by Ubisoft that the much anticipated racing game The Crew will be pushed back and released world wide December 2nd. It is said that the extra time will give more players the chance to experience the beta due to the communities requests. The second beta