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Ubisoft delays The Crew

It has been announced today by Ubisoft that the much anticipated racing game The Crew will be pushed back and released world wide December 2nd. It is said that the extra time will give more players the chance to experience the beta due to the communities requests. The second beta

Site Redesign + Giveaway

If you were wondering why we’ve been maintaining radio silence these past couple of days, it’s because we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes improving the look of our site. Gone are the dark colour palettes and “2nd sequel emo” cracked wallpaper, replaced with a vibrant and more easily

Tales of Gaming’s Best And Worst Of E3

With the events of E3 fading from everyone’s minds, the team over at Tales of Gaming thought we’d remind you all of the highlights and depths of despair that this year’s announcements brought upon us. From the console war to irrelevant celebrity cameo’s this is E3 done right and wrong!

Tales of Gaming Launch Final Fantasy XV Petition

During an interview with Famitsu, it was noted that Square Enix were gauging interest in a PC port of Final Fantasy XV, currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We thought rather than leaving it up to the wild card of fate, we could throw a spanner in


Watching E3 - Microsoft Press Conference Live - Come join and chat. https://t.co/X7fdkySvrb https://t.co/X7fdkySvrb
“I've been waiting for Vampyr for a long time now, even though I know how much I'm going to struggle with the whole… https://t.co/hoIHmvsYRK
Join us on https://t.co/neFiDkq4f1 as we check out Mario's new squeeze! https://t.co/RqDa3bf8mp

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