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Could Star Wars Be A Part of Kingdom Hearts 3?

Today I ask what could be one of the world’s most stupid questions, could Star Wars become a part of Kingdom Hearts 3, I said it was a stupid question. It wouldn’t work tonally, can you imagine Sora helping Darth Vader find the light within his heart, inspiring him to

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Steam Release Date Announced

The trilogy continues its release on PC with Final Fantasy XIII-2 launching on Steam on 11th December 2014. The role-playing game that first launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2011, promises new features and enhancements. For those that remember FF XIII launch in October with its locked

Lords of the Fallen Early Preview Concerns Addressed

Developer behind Lords of the Fallen, executive producer Tomasz Gop, has openly taken to address concerns with the game in a video. They know precisely that this game will be targeted by a niche audience and they will have comments on certain design decisions or features. Specifically, topics such as

Final Fantasy XIII Series Coming to PC

The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy is coming to PC as many suspected by the Steam logo found on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy page, earlier this week. The first in the series Final Fantasy XIII will be launching on 9 October for £10.99/€12.99, at the moment being discounted 10%


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