Major Update and Features Coming Tomorrow to PS4

PlayStation 4 will receive a hefty system software v2.0 tomorrow, which adds Share Play, YouTube app and share function, themes and colours, USB Music Player, Content Area and Library redesigned and Live broadcasting enhancements. The Share Play feature part of the firmware 2.0 update caps the resolution for guests to

PS Now Leaked In Action

Look up, the future lies within the sky. It’s metaphorical, but a little true since PlayStation’s cloud gaming service PS Now, which allows users to stream PlayStation 3 games is currently in beta. However some of these lucky souls have broken NDA, showcasing the service in action, even if that

South Park Takes On The Console War

This might just be the greatest thing you’ll see all morning, the kids from South Park preparing for the next-gen console war. The PlayStation 4 launches in America tomorrow, but the skit is playing on the promotional holiday Black Friday. It’s hardly going to help any of you on the


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