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rain – Story Trailer

It may not be entirely new content, but the folks over at Sony Japan have posted a new trailer for the aptly named, rain. Details on the title are still pretty sketchy, but the central theme revolves around the tale of two youths, turned to spirits, distinguishable by the outlines

Grand Theft Auto V Special Editions Announced

Rockstar have some neat bonuses prepared for those willing to shell out their pennies on the Special and Collector’s editions, that’s not all since those who pre-order the game will be able to pilot the Atomic Blimp, an exclusive in-game vehicle. The Grand Theft Auto V Special Edition includes: Full

Remember Me – Story Trailer

For an industry disposed towards rehashing video games, it’s often the case that developers are reluctant to take on new intellectual properties, particularly this late in the consoles life cycle. Whilst that may be the case, Capcom are reversing this trend with the release of Remember Me this July. The

Four New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots

Rockstar are certainly experts at teasing with the audience, leaving them foaming at the mouth for their next project and the latest batch of screens from Grand Theft Auto V does not disappoint. The latest snaps show our protagonists stealing cars, escaping police pursuit and swimming in the deepest depths

Rayman Legends – 20,000 Lums Under The Sea Trailer

Old school platforming’s where it’s at, well for Rayman and his comrades and what where would these Legends be without a good underwater level. At least that’s the thinking from the folks at Ubisoft who’ve showcased this oceanic video, highlighting the use of dark/light mechanics for stealth. There’s an almost

Metro: Last Light – Launch Trailer

Watch the last moments of the humanity we once knew with the launch trailer for Metro: Last Light, before they were forced to embrace life within the Metro. The sequel to Metro 2033, saw writer Dmitry Glukhovsky penning a brand new script for the project and from what I’ve played


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