Four New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots

Rockstar are certainly experts at teasing with the audience, leaving them foaming at the mouth for their next project and the latest batch of screens from Grand Theft Auto V does not disappoint. The latest snaps show our protagonists stealing cars, escaping police pursuit and swimming in the deepest depths

Final Fantasy VIII (High Res) Announced

Realistically proportioned Final Fantasy VIII will be getting the (sort of) HD treatment on PC, showcasing a couple of retouched screenshots. Kotaku got the scoop from Square Enix, who’ve confirmed that the game’s coming to Japan, but everything else is TBA at this point. We don’t know if the port

Metro: Last Light – Launch Trailer

Watch the last moments of the humanity we once knew with the launch trailer for Metro: Last Light, before they were forced to embrace life within the Metro. The sequel to Metro 2033, saw writer Dmitry Glukhovsky penning a brand new script for the project and from what I’ve played

The Future Of Mass Effect Could Lie In Spin-Off Games

I had you worried for a minute, didn’t I? Fear not since the developers of Mass Effect have been pitching possible ideas for the next Mass Effect to OXM in an interview, with a fondness for everyone’s favourite Turian. Casey Hudson, the executive producer behind the franchise was quick to