Could Star Wars Be A Part of Kingdom Hearts 3?

Today I ask what could be one of the world’s most stupid questions, could Star Wars become a part of Kingdom Hearts 3, I said it was a stupid question. It wouldn’t work tonally, can you imagine Sora helping Darth Vader find the light within his heart, inspiring him to

Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Be A Battlefield Game

Think about it, it makes sense, despite DICE being put in charge of the highly anticipated franchise, Patrick Bach has stressed that they’re not looking to make Battlefield in a Star Wars skin. “We don’t want Star Wars plus Battlefield, because that would be boring, right?” Bach also told IGN

E3 2013 – Star Wars Battlefront Announced

With the closure of LucasArts and the loss of 1313, it was a bleak future for those dreaming of good Star Wars games, at this year’s E3 DICE showed us a vision of the future. Running in their Frostbite 3 engine, Star Wars Battlefront will be making a return on


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“I've been waiting for Vampyr for a long time now, even though I know how much I'm going to struggle with the whole…
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