Final Fantasy XIII Series Coming to PC

The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy is coming to PC as many suspected by the Steam logo found on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy page, earlier this week. The first in the series Final Fantasy XIII will be launching on 9 October for £10.99/€12.99, at the moment being discounted 10%

Atlus Launch A Persona All Out Attack

We’ve got to admit, it’s been a bit of a sketchy year for J-publisher Atlus, with their parent company facing bankruptcy and woes over just who would purchase the wayward publisher. Eventually the storm passed and they’re back, on better form than ever before, ready to astound us with a

Bravely Default – Gameplay Trailer

If Nintendo keep this up, they’re going to have a world of niche JRPG goodness at their fingertips. That roster will be bolstered this December with the release of Bravely Default, the latest RPG from veteran studio Square Enix. Bravely Default scored 38/40 from the four reviewers at Famitsu, with

Index Transferring Management To Sega

Sounds like the bidding war for famed developer Atlus is over, according to a Nikkei report, who claim there have been substantial steps forward in the transfer of management control to Sega Sammy Holdings. This came at the cost of ¥14 billion ($141 million / £88.5 million), as SEGA ready


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