Blizzard’s New Title Overwatch Is A Team Based FPS

Blizzard has announced a team-based first-person multiplayer shooter called Overwatch, its first new franchise in 17 years, below you can enjoy the cinematic trailer for the title: It’s good to see Blizzard stretch and try something new, while still delivering something that looks fun and colorful in the blizzard style.

Titanfall Update Adds Co-op Mode and Ranked Play

Titanfall is receiving what Respawn Entertainment call its “biggest update ever” tomorrow with the addition of an all new co-op mode,ranked play, visual optimizations and a new unit types. Dubbed Frontier Defense, this new addition to the shooter allows four players to team up to defend the objective from waves

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Dive Deep Trailer

After years of (debatably) repeating the formula in their multiplayer games. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is revitalizing it’s multiplayer side with exo-suits that offer jump boosts, air maneuvers which bring a new verticality and versatility to map traversal. Other cool features like the cloak ability will alter your role

Stand by for Titanfall

I’m alone, hunkered down next to a hardpoint, watching the timer slowly tick by, mere seconds left, but it feels like minutes. Standing still feels like waiting to die. I kick myself into motion. My cloak activates and I frantically check each corner, it depletes just as the hardpoint ticks

Titanfall Release Date + Collector’s Edition Announced

Update: UK retailer GAME has nabbed exclusive rights to the collector’s edition in the UK, pricing it up at £249.99, mirroring the official store. Respawn Entertainment have announced the release date for the not-so exclusive Titanfall coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on March 11th in North America,


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