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Survarium goes open beta in Europe

I’ll start with it’s made by the majority of the team from the Ukrainian developer GSC, now as a new studio called Vostok Games. If you still don’t have any idea of what their previous work was, it’s enough to watch their latest trailer, as you will immediately feel some

Blizzard’s New Title Overwatch Is A Team Based FPS

Blizzard has announced a team-based first-person multiplayer shooter called Overwatch, its first new franchise in 17 years, below you can enjoy the cinematic trailer for the title: It’s good to see Blizzard stretch and try something new, while still delivering something that looks fun and colorful in the blizzard style.

Stand by for Titanfall

I’m alone, hunkered down next to a hardpoint, watching the timer slowly tick by, mere seconds left, but it feels like minutes. Standing still feels like waiting to die. I kick myself into motion. My cloak activates and I frantically check each corner, it depletes just as the hardpoint ticks


Watching E3 - Microsoft Press Conference Live - Come join and chat.
“I've been waiting for Vampyr for a long time now, even though I know how much I'm going to struggle with the whole…
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