EA’s E3 2014 Press Conference – Overview

EA have a lot of games that I care about and frankly, a lot of games that I don’t care about. Unfortunately they never really separate the games running on the Ignite engine from those running from the Frostbite engine meaning I have to force myself through the entire show.

EA Calls Used Games An “Important Part Of The Industry”

Electronic Arts have always been prolifically against used games, it’s not difficult to see why. Developers don’t get a cut of used game sales, meaning your money goes exclusively to your local video game retailer. Unsurprisingly EA wanted a cut and went through all manner of irritating hare-brained schemes in

E3 2013 – EA Conference

When I wrote my write up on Microsoft’s press conference, I asked myself where all the dub went, apparently the answer was to the opening for EA’s conference which started with a Wub Wub rather than a bang. Peter Moore is on-stage talking about the future of gaming on PlayStation


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“I've been waiting for Vampyr for a long time now, even though I know how much I'm going to struggle with the whole…
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