5 Reasons The Last of Us Isn’t As Good As It Could Be

Hailed by critics, universally praised by gamers and a strong contender for Game of the Year despite it only being July, the Last of Us has maintained pole position for the five consecutive weeks running, solidifying itself as a PlayStation exclusive that people actually know about. Was that a grand

BEYOND: Two Souls – Making of Video (Part 1)

Sony have showcased the first of a 4-part documentary showcasing a little of the development on BEYOND: Two Souls, featuring interviews with key team members and the some of the game’s most recognisable stars. It’s an interesting insight into the development process over at Quantic Dream and the next video

Final Fantasy X / X-2 Limited Edition Announced

Sony have confirmed that fans from the Americas and Europe who’re looking forward to picking the Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster will have their pre-orders upgraded to a limited edition, that includes an art book. This 24-page exclusive will house concept art and commentary from the original development


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