E3 2013

Ubisoft’s E3 2014 Press Conference – Overview

As the unofficial winners of E3 last year, Ubisoft had a lot to live up to in order to retain their crown a second year running. Things started off with a light-hearted Rabbid affair, playing on the themes contemporary E3 issues and the iconic popularity of goat simulator, but from

EA’s E3 2014 Press Conference – Overview

EA have a lot of games that I care about and frankly, a lot of games that I don’t care about. Unfortunately they never really separate the games running on the Ignite engine from those running from the Frostbite engine meaning I have to force myself through the entire show.

Watch Dogs – Aisha Tyler Trailer

If you had more than enough Aisha Tyler for one lifetime during Ubisoft’s E3 presentation, then the latest trailer for Watch Dogs might alleviate some of your murderous rage, only to replace it with a different kind of murderous rage. Despite the satisfying content, this may be the worst trailer

The Order 1866 – “London Can Be Pretty Filthy”

Sony unveiled the Order: 1886 at this year’s E3 and from the announcement trailer, we garnered it was a steampunk stylized shooter and turns out we weren’t far off. Sony’s PlayStation Blog caught up with co-founder of Ready at Dawn, Ru Weerasuriya with a host of questions. So, exactly what


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