Could Star Wars Be A Part of Kingdom Hearts 3?

Today I ask what could be one of the world’s most stupid questions, could Star Wars become a part of Kingdom Hearts 3, I said it was a stupid question. It wouldn’t work tonally, can you imagine Sora helping Darth Vader find the light within his heart, inspiring him to

Disney Brings Its Back Catalogue To Steam

Disney games have suddenly popped on Steam, majority of them being Disney movie tie-in games with notable titles as Epic Mickey 2, Pure and Split/Second. The interesting part being the PC port of Epic Mickey 2 which previously was given a limited release in Eastern European countries back in October

Angry Birds + Star Wars + Skylanders?

Rovio have announced the latest entry in the highly successful Angry Birds franchise will once again draw on Star Wars, but with a twist. Angry Birds: Star Wars II will include figurines that bring extra characters into the game, sound like any other franchise? There are 30 available and retailers

Nomura Teases Online For Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix revealed more details about Kingdom Hearts 3 in the latest issue of Famitsu, with some more details emerging during a Q & A with Tetsuya Nomura. Most interesting was the possible addition of online compatibility, though to what extent remains unknown. “The development team of FINAL FANTASY XV

First Kingdom Hearts III Artwork Emerges

After its announcement at E3 a couple of weeks back, Square Enix have posted the first art work of Sora, Donald and Goofy from Kingdom Hearts III, don’t expect too many changes. The games production is being handled by Square Enix’ Osaka team, whose portfolio includes Birth By Sleep and


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