Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Dive Deep Trailer

After years of (debatably) repeating the formula in their multiplayer games. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is revitalizing it’s multiplayer side with exo-suits that offer jump boosts, air maneuvers which bring a new verticality and versatility to map traversal. Other cool features like the cloak ability will alter your role

“Call of Duty Players Aren’t Hardcore Gamers”

That’s the sentiment echoed by Mark Rubin, executive producer at Infinity Ward caught during an interview with OXM, discussing the lack of an impact the next-gen will have on the franchise. “Because regardless of platform – people’s gaming habits aren’t going to change just because there’s a new platform. We

Microsoft Reveals Xbox One

    Microsoft have just finished revealing their new Xbox One to the world. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the live stream of the reveal, Tales of Gaming has you covered! In chronological order, here is a brief summary of what happened at the event:    


Watching E3 - Microsoft Press Conference Live - Come join and chat.
“I've been waiting for Vampyr for a long time now, even though I know how much I'm going to struggle with the whole…
Join us on as we check out Mario's new squeeze!

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