Total War: Arena enters Closed Alpha

The Total War multiplayer 10 versus 10 battle arena spin-off has emerged today, with Sega and developer Creative Assembly announcing Total War: Arena has entered closed alpha status.

Total War: Arena will be a free-to-play PC strategy game in which two teams of 10 players battle against each other on custom-made battlefield maps. Players will control three units of warriors and will choose an iconic commander from history to lead it. Alexander the Great, Leonidas, Germanicus and Caesar all present and you can level them up as you play. Same goes with the units which can upgraded with more specialist skills, weaponry, armour and abilities.


You can sign-up for the closed alpha at the Total War: Arena Wiki website. Note owners of Total War: ROME II should receive privileged access to Creative Assembly’s Total War: Arena beta phase as they previously mentioned.

As a free-to-play game expect in-game purchases that let you customise your units(visually presumable) and speed progression, according to the game’s Wiki page.

This will be interesting to see some impressions which will soon appear. As select journalists and community alike have been getting hands-on time with the game and we’ll be posting their impressions of the title. It depends on the fact of how well can you work with ten people in a battle, that it will be a mayhem and spectacle that I’m sure, hope they can balance this out properly.

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