PS4 Hellblade also coming on PC

Hellblade was revealed during Sony’s Gamescom 2014 press conference for the PlayStation 4. Ninja Theory will be bringing it also to PC with possible mod support and 4K resolution.

 PC Gamer revealed these details regarding a PC version and its possible new features. This is interesting to hear, as this was a title I was looking towards as it delves into some interesting new terrain. Rarely do we see materials that look into Celtic / Norse myths and culture. I’d recommend reading the article as you find some interesting parts as this one:

“If we want to do an open beta right now, it’s a little bit trickier to do that than on PC. Playtesting is a huge thing for us. Usability testing, getting people hands-on to try things out, get feedback, then roll that back in and improve the game… it’s always been essential for us to do that.”

Interesting point as PC even with its faults harbors a more open platform, while consoles cannot “because of the secrecy that goes into consoles and publisher-based businesses”. Still they have enough of a good pedigree with titles such as DmC: Devil May Cry, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Heavenly Sword. Plus the port for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West on PC worked like a charm, nothing too spectacular but it did its job.
A third-person hack-and-slash game that I hope will have modding support, could have a good home on the PC market. I’m always in favor of developers adding modding more and more as it gives the game life and a community that will keep the game played and sold.

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