PlayStation Now subscription service available for US only

PlayStation Now will be Sony’s method of streaming their back-catalogue of games, which as you know, their previous titles are not compatible with the PlayStation 4. This video game streaming service will launch next week as a subscription for PS4 users in North America.

To be precise it will start on 13th January and will be available two subscription forms: one month for $19.99 or a three-month package for $44.99. A bit pricey set side by side with PS Plus which costs $9.99 a month and $17.99 for a three-month membership. Still I don’t personally see PlayStation Now used on a month by month basis, so it may be a reasonable price for someone who wants to play from a list of 100+ PlayStation 3 games.

Their reason behind it missing in Europe is tied with the number of providers and the more varied connection speeds from country to country. Fair enough, as the last thing you want is to buy something you cannot enjoy or experience it at a lower quality. This is the main issue of the service as it depends entirely on how well will the service work and your internet connection or latency. I have my doubts after seeing OnLive or Gaikai (which is working on Playstation Now), rarely did they work properly and with latency issues don’t even think of playing fighting games.

Still I’m curious of what our readers think of the proposition, as personally I don’t see it useful unless you only own a Playstation 4.

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