Microsoft: “Xbox One And Xbox 360 Win Big At E3”

It’s become an almost depressing recurring theme, but rather than admit their shortfalls and promise to do better, Microsoft have opted to for another pompous statement, spurred by statistic manipulation.

The Xbox News Wire were happy to declare their dominance at E3, stating that: “Last night, the “Games Critic’s Awards: Best of E3” nominations were announced and Xbox continued to be highlighted as a winning platform, with Xbox One and Xbox 360 leading all platform nominations. Xbox One and Microsoft’s exclusive titles received 11 nominations, the most of any game console. In addition to Xbox One being nominated for top console of the show, the Xbox exclusive game “Titanfall” became the most nominated game in E3 Games Critic’s Awards history ever, with six award nominations.”

So how about a little context, since it must be pretty hard to declare yourself the winner of E3 when the consumer backlash was so strong that you had to amend your product. That Amazon’s poll between the Xbox One and the PS4 saw Sony in the lead by an absolute milestone and lastly, the fact they haven’t even won anything yet, not a single one of our writers gave a positive mention to the Xbox One, during our best and worst of E3!

I’m not saying that the Xbox One is all bad, but I don’t agree with ignoring something that’s as big a problem as public perception. I’m begging you Microsoft sell me on your console, not self-indulgent tag lines…

Written by: Kamara

Avid video gamer, freelance journalist, community manager and aspiring editor.

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