Gamers “Swatting” Prank Cause Trouble

Want a sure fire way to realize a prank gone way out of hand? $100,000 and 60 S.W.A.T officers are a good start, especially for a kid calling out someone streaming CS:GO. Imagine this as a regular occurrence and you’ll realize why things are getting so out of hand.

True to form this “prank” is called swatting, and involved invoking next level of sore loser-ness by calling the SWAT team out on live streamers for no other reason that the “lulz.” You read that right. Lives are potentially put in jeopardy for the mere thrill of it. There’s a number of ways that someone can find the address of another player, phone directories and a known Skype IP issue are just starters and with no ways to validate these calls the unsuspecting officers gear up prepared for the worst.

It’s a sort of a mini epidemic of late, the streamer in the video above even suspects the building is being swatted. What started out as a vile prank against Ashton Kutcher has become a trademark for players of games like Minecraft and Call Of Duty. With the tools so readily at their disposal, these dangerous antics are diverting police resources and attention away from where they’re needed.

Technology has always been a double edged sword, you only have to look at the Gamers Gate mess to understand this. Right now as a community we need to stand up and realize these new dangers. And please, no more pranks involving the freaking SWAT team.

Written by: dewbz

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