Final Fantasy XV shows off the town of Restarg and more

Square Enix showed off a bunch of their upcoming games at this weekend’s Jump Festa 2015 event, including Final Fantasy XV.

The city showcased in the trailer is called “Restarg.”. Which is described as not being one of the biggest cities but having an important role and connection with the titanic Eidolons shown in the trailer below. The entire town should be seamlessly connected but Director Hajime Tabata isn’t quite certain, if this could work for the whole game. Seeing as how it looks, I can understand not having the full map connected, it shouldn’t bother players if there is enough in those region like the shown town.

The certainty of their being enough space to explore in these region is the use of the car in these trailers. That car will help you travel the world, but trains will be available too.

Plus the new mechanic of this series, which can be spotted in the english trailer with her “interesting accent”. She won’t be a major role in the game’s story, but she will be the groups new mechanic, much like the recurring character from the series, Cid. Her name should be Cidney, with some confusion around her name as some pronounced her name as Cindy, but that should be resolved in time. Plus it seems She’ll make her appearance in the Episode Duscae demo.

If you’re interesting in a bit more footage of Cidney and the city, enjoy these trailers. Be warned that there won’t be audio of the game or english subtitles, as these are footage shown at the event. As for the playing as the dog part, this may be an early build feature shown off as a joke.

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