Crusader Kings II Way of Life Expansion Is Out

Latest expansion for Crusader Kings II delves into influencing what type of events may occur, rather than relying solely on personality traits or randomness.

It’s interesting to see an expansion which adds a focus or a “way of life”. These range from Rulership, Business, Hunting, War, Family, Carousing, Seduction, Intrigue, Scholarship and Theology, enough ways to tailor your experience and lessen the randomness. Note only characters with count tier or higher can have a focus. Besides the main mechanic this expansion introduces, expect new events, new images and new diplomatic interactions. Which tie in the idea of the expansion of shaping your ruler. Examples given for the diplomatic side being Duel, Seduce, Banish to Monastery and Break up with Lover.

Normal players will get a new patch 2.3 patch which fixes quite allot, would recommend going through it if you’re a Crusader Kings fan.

This all sounds interesting, expect even more weirder stories from players with all these new events and features. Crusader Kings II is one of those games on my list which I will one time sit down and enjoy, but at the moment I’m slowly getting to wraps with Europa Universalis IV, another amazing Paradox Grand Strategy. Still I would recommend researching both games, if you have interest in getting immersed into quite a deep and interesting strategy game. Expect some few bumps as it’s one of those games with quite a steep learning curve, it may require some effort.

Way of Life is £5.59/7,99€ on Steam or direct from Paradox, if you wish to support Paradox. The direct one will still give you a Steam key, but may be a different price depending your region.

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