Australia Receiving New 3DS and New 3DS XL This Year

Even through New 3DS and New 3DS XL have a vague release date of 2015 for Europe and North America, in the very first Australian Nintendo Direct seems Australians will receive it earlier.

The revamped 3DS and XL versions will launch on 21st November and will cost AU$219.95 (about £119/152€), while the New 3DS XL costs $249.95 (about £135/173€). For those interested in customizing it, 20 face plates for the New 3DS will also be available to buy.

Australian Nintendo Direct hosted by Nintendo Australia managing director Tom Enoki featured gameplay from expected Nintendo 3DS tiles, interesting part being showcasing of the New 3DS-exclusive title Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS,will release in 2015 still. Other than that it goes through what we already know about the hardware capabilities such as new C-stick, improved 3D viewing and inbuilt NFC compatibility.

For those interested in watching the Australian Nintendo Direct it is available down below, as it’s quite short being only 15 minutes.

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