Since we regularly keep an eye on what our competitors are up to on the social media side of things, we wanted to share a top 5 postswith you. With Valentine’s waving fondly from the horizon, there’s a lingering sense of love in the air in some of these posts.

So without further ado and in no particular order:

1 – Love can melt an icy heart.

World of Warcraft put fan art with a valentines theme together for this content, drawing upon the games rich lore to really highlight the efforts of their players. If they wanted to do one thing better, it should have been giving a shout out to the player who drew this amazing art!

2 – Forever A Stone

The AK teams clever integration of meme culture and pun happy attitude created a post that really captured the solitude of Valentines day. You utter killjoys 😉

3 – Life Is Strange Tie Outside Content To Their Brand

Great example of tying outside content to your brand, in this case through the use of the games iconic soundtrack.

4 – Aura Kingdom Dating Game

The AK Team get some extra kudos this month for appearing on the list twice, but a really nice piece of engaging content, simply stop the gif to find out who your date will be for Valentines day (please, please be Kotohana). One thing that really engages users is their desire to share the result in the comments below.

5 – STRAFE Are All Stars

If Strafe wanted a higher placement on this list (even though it’s not ordered by how much I like the posts), they should have directly uploaded this video to Facebook. That way it would autoplay for their fans, that said, the clever use of their character models and style is reminiscent of the Gears of War Mad World trailer and they got a surprising amount of depth out of one character model. Something we’d should be eager to try and do in our video content.

Written by: Kamara

Avid video gamer, freelance journalist, community manager and aspiring editor.

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