Perspective: The Xbox One Isn’t For You, But That Might Sell You On It

With its preference for an always-on connection, a Kinect sensor that puts Big Brother to shame and strict trade-in policies, the Xbox One may not be the console for you. Hell, with the gaming world up in arms, you have to ask yourself who exactly the Xbox One is for…

…the answer is developers. With its online libraries and trade-in possibilities, Microsoft are giving developers a slice of a pie that’s been on the neighbours windowsill for a long time now, keeping stores like GameStop going strong. You can’t blame developers for being interested with the prospect. With a roster of 20 games to showcase, Microsoft are ready to push their product to the gamers, their success lies in the hands of those developers.

The console war has always been a matter of preference, we’ll gravitate towards the console that has titles that peak our interest, the system sellers. There’s a reason that Halo and Gears are synonymous with the Xbox brand, I guarantee they’ve sold a fair few consoles in their time. Microsoft are no strangers to throwing money around, they paid to keep GTA IV’s episodes from Liberty City away from PlayStation owners and they spent a lot of capital securing Activision’s Call of Duty DLC before anyone else.

With the developers on their side and the money to bribe the rights for exclusivity, developers will curry favour with Microsoft and the roster of exclusive titles will grow. If they pull this off, we’ll be put in a position where we’re unhappy with the console on offer, but hot damn are there some good games for it.

Written by: Kamara

Avid video gamer, freelance journalist, community manager and aspiring editor.

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