What Mojang Got Right, Telltale Haven’t Grasped

A week today, Telltale’s The Walking Dead will release on Xbox One and PS4 in North America (ten days later for Europe). The Walking Dead was one of my favorite games released on the last generation of consoles and I enjoyed multiple playthroughs, but will I play through it again on current-gen? No!

“Why Not!?!?, It’s one of your favorite games.” I hear you bleat in response, my answer being why should a seasoned veteran buy the game again. It’s not a different experience, the story will still be the same. Sure there might be a couple of graphical changes, a little less choppiness, perhaps a rising frame rate or two, but short of people looking to whore their gamerscore (those like me, admittedly) can experience an almost identical experience on their 360, PS3 etc. or pay extortionate prices to check it out on consoles heralded as the next-gen, but in coming up just short in the games department.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with playing the same game on multiple consoles. If it is a bargain; I’ve played several games on both my 360 and One, including: FIFA 14 and Minecraft. So what’s stopping me this time – money. Why should we pay so much? The current price for each season is £24.99 which seems cheap but in comparison, FIFA 14 was free and Minecraft cost under £5 to upgrade. Telltale really need to follow Mojang’s example.

Some people may buy the game, the majority I’ve spoken to will rent it. Offering a discount to those who own a copy is a route that Telltale should really look into. We’ve already seen 3rd party developers pull support from the Wii U after numerous ports of games that had been out for months, faltered to sell at full retail (I’m looking at you Mass Effect 3 and your huge price difference). So if the new user base simply isn’t there, why not pitch to those looking to experience these epic tales again.

While I expect sales to be a little stronger than that, for the millions already invested in the game a little discount never goes amiss. Surely it’s better to sell 10 million copies at £10 than sell 2.5m at £25, but for now big business doesn’t see it that way.

Written by: bertie

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