Tales of Gaming’s Best And Worst Of E3

With the events of E3 fading from everyone’s minds, the team over at Tales of Gaming thought we’d remind you all of the highlights and depths of despair that this year’s announcements brought upon us. From the console war to irrelevant celebrity cameo’s this is E3 done right and wrong!


Best of E3 – Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge 2
As much excitement as two new consoles can muster, games sell systems and for me just the mention of Battlefront brought back a slew of memories, from multiplayer with friends to crafting clan videos, I cannot express how much I enjoyed Star Wars Battlefront 2.

EA rectified a ridiculous devotion to sports (people will buy FIFA regardless of whether or not it’s mentioned at E3) with the announcement of Mirrors Edge 2, it’s hard not to be excited about Faiths Return.

Honorable Mentions: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV, Watch Dogs and BEYOND Two Souls (who cares if it’s not next-gen)

Worst of E3 – Lack of Handheld (2nd Year Running)
For the second year running, Sony pretty much ignored the PlayStation Vita and whilst they had a decent offering on the show floor, what they brought to their E3 presentation just didn’t cut it. Brief mention of Final Fantasy and God of War, but other than that nada, zip and zilch, I’d hoped Sony had learned from their mistakes last year but I was left disappointed.

I know they had a new console to talk about, but they managed to squeeze TV, movies and all that other shit I don’t care about in; a trailer for  Freedom Wars or Gravity Rush 2 would have been the icing on the cake.

Honorable Mention: Aisha Tyler, please Ubisoft never again (coincidentally also 2nd year running)

Final Fantasy X HD 2

Best of E3 – Square Enix
Call it fanboying, but the best part of E3 for me was the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV.

Kingdom Hearts is an amazing series, successfully blending Disney and Final Fantasy (except for Dream Drop Distance, but we don’t talk about that), though it wouldn’t kill them to stop using simple and clean as the theme song.  Final Fantasy XV has embraced a focal shift towards action, moving away from the turn-based fighting system, good thing too!

Worst of E3 – Xbox One
The Xbox presentation was a complete mess, despite having games to show (unlike their TV,TV, TV, Sport announcement event). They brought an Xbox 360 “super slim” to the table, so you can try and fool your friends into thinking you’ve gone next-gen.

The games on hand didn’t even look that good, Ryse was all about quick time events, Forza was just fancy cars, Project Spark looked pretty interesting but that was about it. Everything else was all CGI and considering the “power” of next-gen, I’m not sold on CGI anymore.

Oh, don’t forget Titanfall, the Xbox One’s god given exclusive … oh wait it’s coming to PC and 360, never mind!

Titanfall 2

Best Game of E3 – The Division

I became completely enthralled by Tom Clancy’s: The Division, blending next gen graphics, multiplayer, gameplay and story. The Division had my attention after seeing the word “Complex” in its trailer; I was sold before an open world multiplayer game had materialized on screen…

Best Hardware at E3 – Sony’s PlayStation 4
I thought the slightly more powerful hardware and PS+ offerings would result in a more expensive console. Turns out I was completely wrong, as Sony announced an incredibly reasonable price point, ensuring everyone who wants one can get one.

Worst Game at E3 -Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

I was really disappointed with this franchise, bored after 2 and I played Brotherhood and even gave Revelations the benefit of the doubt, but I’d had enough at that point. I didn’t buy Assassin’s Creed 3, and after seeing 4, nothing has changed, my money remains firmly in my pocket.

Worst Hardware at E3 – Xbox One
Since E3 Microsoft have completely reversed their DRM policies, though I was outraged that they’d impose such restrictions. If we were to benefit from digital purchases, we should be seeing cheaper games. Yet Microsoft’s games on demand service has often been more expensive than physical media, proving that if we gave in to their policies, we’d suffer in the long run.

I find myself paying more for digital downloads, and Microsoft turns around telling me that I can have Halo 3 for free? I’m not buying any promises they make…

The Division Game

That’s our summary of this year’s events, are you behind the Xbox One or backing the PlayStation 4? Did Ubisoft or EA take the cake? What about Nintendo, got to love a bit of Bayonetta 2, right? What won E3 for you, what faltered the hardest?

Contributions made by – Cryss, Matt and DavidStrife7

Written by: Kamara

Avid video gamer, freelance journalist, community manager and aspiring editor.

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