Confirmed: Tales of Symphonia HD Is Coming Westward

Considering the close relationship between us and the series, it would be a shame to avoid reporting on Namco’s “Tales” series, one of our first stories was the rumor that Tales of Symphonia could be remastered on PlayStation 3. At the recent Tales of Festival event, Hideo Baba, series producer

Rumor: Resident Evil 7 Could Be Revealed At E3

A promotional poster has surfaced online, suggesting that we may see the announcement of Resident Evil 7 at this year’s E3. This source is known as “Adam Wilde”, but I doubt that the semi-professional footballer got his boots on the scoop. “As we’ve spoken earlier on the phone, here are

Rumor: Tales of Symphonia Could Be Coming To PS3

There could be good news on the horizon for fans of Namco’s “Tales” series. Rumor has it that we’ll see a HD re-release of Tales of Symphonia, this “perfect edition” will also bring Dawn of the New World to PlayStation for the first time. Spanish site, Koi-Nya got the scoop


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