Rumor: PlayStation 4 Release Date Has Slipped

We got a look at the console, a decent price point but only a vague “holiday 2013” release date. European fans have cause to reason to rejoice if the latest PlayStation 4 promo-poster from MediaMarkt is to be believed. NEOGaf user Cyborg caught sight of this up in Amsterdam, matching

Rumor: Steam Code Hints At Game Sharing

If the latest code dug up from the Steam directory is any indication, Valve may be feeling a little threatened by Microsoft’s “Family Sharing”. With code within the Steam client hinting at the existence of a Shared Game Library, allowing your friends to borrow your PC games, a true first

Rumor: Dragon Age III Listed For Xbox One

A listing has appeared on Amazon Italy (and been promptly removed) that suggests that Dragon Age III: Inquisition is coming to Xbox One, with a placeholder date of January 1st 2020 (so not too long to wait). Inquisition was announced back in September, developed using the Frostbite 2 engine and


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