E3 – 2013

Microsoft: “Xbox One And Xbox 360 Win Big At E3”

It’s become an almost depressing recurring theme, but rather than admit their shortfalls and promise to do better, Microsoft have opted to for another pompous statement, spurred by statistic manipulation. The Xbox News Wire were happy to declare their dominance at E3, stating that: “Last night, the “Games Critic’s Awards:

Which Halo Were Microsoft Referring To At E3?

A couple of weeks back, we watched a cloaked figure walking through the endless desert plains and despite briefly believing we were looking at Journey: Realistic Edition, but as a mechanized scorpion rose from the sands and the hood drooped we we’re greeted by our favourite armour-clad Spartan. IGN caught

Watch Dogs Multiplayer Explained

VG247 caught up with Watch Dogs’ Senior Producer, Dominic Quay to talk about the games multiplayer offering and the impact other players can have on your game. Players can take contracts that put them into your game world, they’ll be hacking into you and making your goal to hunt them

Tales of Gaming’s Best And Worst Of E3

With the events of E3 fading from everyone’s minds, the team over at Tales of Gaming thought we’d remind you all of the highlights and depths of despair that this year’s announcements brought upon us. From the console war to irrelevant celebrity cameo’s this is E3 done right and wrong!

Xbox One / PlayStation 4 Pre-orders Break Records

We’re quick to talk about the battle between Xbox and PlayStation, but together they’ve proven that consoles aren’t dead, with an audience pining for the next-gen, at least according to Amazon and the world’s largest retailer can’t be wrong, right? “The Amazon Video Games store made history with its biggest


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