Pokemon X And Y To Split Pokedex Into 3

With each new generation over a hundred new pocket monsters join the roster, with such a diverse range to capture, perfectionists looking to fill the Pokedex will find themselves taking on a little more of a challenge, with not one, not two, but three to complete. The report comes from

Rumor: Tales of Symphonia Could Be Coming To PS3

There could be good news on the horizon for fans of Namco’s “Tales” series. Rumor has it that we’ll see a HD re-release of Tales of Symphonia, this “perfect edition” will also bring Dawn of the New World to PlayStation for the first time. Spanish site, Koi-Nya got the scoop

The Future Of Mass Effect Could Lie In Spin-Off Games

I had you worried for a minute, didn’t I? Fear not since the developers of Mass Effect have been pitching possible ideas for the next Mass Effect to OXM in an interview, with a fondness for everyone’s favourite Turian. Casey Hudson, the executive producer behind the franchise was quick to