OMG HD Zombies! Review – Blood Splatteringly Good

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OMG HD Zombies! Review – Blood Splatteringly Good

Despite my almost neurotic obsession with my PSP, I never got my hands on Laughing Jackal’s OMG-Z, but thankfully the HD remake is right at home on Vita and despite being painstakingly frustrating to perfectionists (like me!) OMG HD Zombies! approaches the apocalypse with style.

At heart it’s a puzzle game, focused on chaining an undead genocide and reclaiming RedField city, or something like that. The story does little more than serve up the setting, leaving you to your devices…

…Turns out that device is a rifle, setting off a chain reaction, a bloody hail of innards and gunfire. Scoring is based off how much of the zombie horde you eradicate, forcing you to gauge the use of your extremely limited ammunition, enemy type, location and density each play a significant part in creating as much carnage as possible.


Randomly generating enemies make the task a little harder and like a true sniper, you’ll find yourself waiting for the opportune moment to take that critical shot, lamenting missed opportunities. Performance is measured by how much of the encroaching horde you annihilate, from bronze to the coveted platinum medal, the latter of which requires clearing the entire level, no easy feat.

Layouts and enemy types vary by level, rendering reliance on any one tactic ineffective; the larger maps can be a hassle, particular when littered with only a handful of enemies. There’s a decent variety of enemies, some simply explode, others fire their weapons upon death and they all chime together to create some truly magnificent chains.

Artistically OMG HD Zombies! succeeds in replicating that Sin City feel with  devoid of colour until the body count starts rising, splashing red on an otherwise bleak palette. That’s not to say it isn’t eye pleasing, characterised with a minimalistic but accentuating soundtrack.

Earning medals awards you the cash to upgrade your weapons or the enemies, an interesting mechanic that increases their damage dealing capabilities, a necessity for those looking to earn aiming for the platinum.

Omg Zombies Level Up

OMG Zombies HD! has been designed with on the go gaming in mind, perfect to just pick up and play. It’s comfortably found a home on PlayStation Vita and at such a low price, what’s not to love?

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