Gamescom 2013 – Just Dance 2014 Preview

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Gamescom 2013 – Just Dance 2014 Preview

I’ve only played Just Dance once as a joke with some friends (need to maintain manly public image), it wasn’t the game for me, partly because I can’t dance to save my life (and wasn’t suitably inebriated to think I could) and because it’s a social experience tailored for people with friends who like to dance, my friends don’t dance, it didn’t stop us from visiting Ubisoft at Gamescom to cover 2014, the latest in the series.

There are quite a few new features to the game, with the biggest one is the “World Dance Floor” a social playlist the entire world dances to. Here you can access world rankings, check leader boards and watch replays of the best dancers or alternately friends humiliating themselves. There are 1000’s of players simultaneously grooving on the World Dance Floor, bringing the Just Dance community together, even when playing by yourself.

For those who love the spotlight is the addition of “on-stage mode”, where you take centre stage with 2 back up dancers. Which is when they started asking for someone brave and bold, handsome and charming enough to step up (our editor told me to add this).

Who else could handle something as elaborately complex as George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’ (he really is hijacking this article), Cryss took one for the team, to show us his best moves with two lovely backup dancers provided by Ubisoft themselves, good thing too since we had trouble finding just one. We watched on silently judging him, ascertaining whether or not he had an Austin Power’s level of Mo-jo.
Which is the scoring system for Just Dance 2014, awarding points for your respective dancing and singing ability, if you have any… which the vocalists manning the Ubisoft booth sorely lacked (sorry!).

To top it all one of them began recording Cryss with a Wii U Gamepad, creating an auto dance video, a 20 second recording that can be shared via social media or on your profile. Unfortunately the footage of this historic event was lost in transit, though I will make it my mission to recover this at all costs (no you won’t).

Auto dances can be accessed on the World Dance Floor and those willing to showcase their efforts will be awarded more mojo, which are used to unlock more of the 40 songs in the game at launch, including ‘Gentleman’ by PSY, though I’m not really sure how you will dance to this…

The game will includes a battle mode and just sweat for those looking to turn their dance experience into a work out, coming to nearly every console under the sun, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and (deep breath) Wii.

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