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Meet the team that made everything possible!

Cryss Leonhart

Mathew Deeley

“Listen to my story…

…This may be our last chance”

Unforgettable experiences, tearful reunions, tales of love and loss, these encompass the countless worlds we’ve inhabited, the foes we’ve faced, the demons we’ve overcome. We all have our own stories to tell, Tales of Gaming was founded with this ideal in mind.

We’ll spend our days trawling the internet, travelling the real world and invading countless others to garner the latest insider scoops, reviews, trailers and news, all for your viewing pleasure.




WAIT WHAT IS GOING ON?!? https://t.co/pHej0xRLVL
We got a copy of mechs vs minions to unbox. Can't wait to play it. https://t.co/WR8pdeoyyK
Join The Carnival In Final Fantasy XV https://t.co/Y13G7CNzwB

Tales of Gaming