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Nintendo E3 Video – Write Up

Nintendo won E3, now that’s a pretty big statement for a company that weren’t there. However instead of opting for the expensive press conferences pulled out by the folks at MS, EA, Sony and Ubisoft, Nintendy gave us a fantastic presentation that really played on the themes we’ve come to

Ubisoft’s E3 2014 Press Conference – Overview

As the unofficial winners of E3 last year, Ubisoft had a lot to live up to in order to retain their crown a second year running. Things started off with a light-hearted Rabbid affair, playing on the themes contemporary E3 issues and the iconic popularity of goat simulator, but from

EA’s E3 2014 Press Conference – Overview

EA have a lot of games that I care about and frankly, a lot of games that I don’t care about. Unfortunately they never really separate the games running on the Ignite engine from those running from the Frostbite engine meaning I have to force myself through the entire show.

Riot Games Announce Fantasy LCS League

About time, for those sick of Fantasy Football and apathetic towards Fantasy F1, Riot Games have announced the beta for Fantasy LCS allowing avid fans to create their own professional league team and join a league against their friends. You’ll create a teams of 7 starter players, filling your five

Stand by for Titanfall

I’m alone, hunkered down next to a hardpoint, watching the timer slowly tick by, mere seconds left, but it feels like minutes. Standing still feels like waiting to die. I kick myself into motion. My cloak activates and I frantically check each corner, it depletes just as the hardpoint ticks

 Indie Action RPG “Kyn” Announced

Looks like indie developer Tangrin are ready to take on the likes of Diablo III, Torchlight and Path of Exile, that’s if the announcement trailer for their first feature project Kyn is to be believed. An evolving world driven by your actions as a player, your victories and your failings

Steam Music Announced

Valve aren’t going to be selling music, there won’t be any Steam sales where you see the latest chart single drop to mere pennies, but rather they’re introducing a dedicated player within the client. Steam Music will allow users to integrate tracks into their Steam Library, allowing gamers to play

PS Now Leaked In Action

Look up, the future lies within the sky. It’s metaphorical, but a little true since PlayStation’s cloud gaming service PS Now, which allows users to stream PlayStation 3 games is currently in beta. However some of these lucky souls have broken NDA, showcasing the service in action, even if that